🚨 Sang on these 4 movies

🎬   Thor: Love and Thunder

🎬   Spider-Man: No Way Home

🎬   Lightyear

🎬   Sing 2

🚨 Post Malone session

🎤   Post Malone hired Charissa to sing on and hire the choir for "Wasting Angels" on his album!

Check out the details of the jobs below!

JIF This one was a family affair.  Dana, my husband wrote the music and myself and our daughter sang too!

Capital One Commercial

Worked on this commercial as Samuel L Jackson's singing coach.  What a pro and such a gentleman!

THE LATE SHOW w/Stephen Colbert

Sang live with Smashing Pumpkins on The Late Show in Aug 2019.  I did the contracting and singing!

Liam Gallagher

His new album "Why Me? Why Not" released in Sept 2019.  I worked on this album as vocal contractor and singer.  


I was hired to be vocal contractor and a singer on "Knights of Malta" which is on the "Shiny and Oh So Bright" LP.  That night Billy wrote this on instagram:   "In other ‘news’, recording is now finished for the upcoming ‘Shiny and Oh So Bright’ EP’s 1 + 2, which ended last night with a truly epic sing on “Knights of Malta” with 3 unbelievably talented women.  Probably one of my favorite experiences ever recording with @smashingpumpkins."

Never will I forget the day Neil Young called me. Yep, I was hired by Neil Young and John Hanlon to sing and be the vocal contractor for Neil's album. Click here to check out Rolling Stone's article about it. Click here to buy album!!


Flexed my vocal contracting and singing abilities while working with Riles on his Welcome To The Jungle album.  We did 2 sessions:  GOSPEL and KIDS CHOIR.  He is super talented and was a dream to work with.  

298x255-abc-therealoneals-blogher_hub_pageTHE REAL O'NEALS
I was the vocal contractor, actor and singer for the Christmas episode. Features 11 on-camera and more than 20 off-camera singers. Here's our main clip!


I was lucky enough to get to sing in LA LA LAND! The film stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone.  This flick is about a jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. Loads of awesome music to hear!! See behind the SCENES!

sing-poster-e1455213206196 SING
Featuring more than 65 hit songs, Sing is produced by Meledandri and his longtime collaborator Janet Healy. Together, they have produced all of Illumination’s films since the studio’s inception. I sang in the choir. 

 Star_Trek_Beyond_title_posterSTAR TREK BEYOND

Singing for this session was a stand out in my career.  A large choir was hired to sing for this film and I was lucky enough to be included!  See the STAR TREK BEYOND TRAILER. Check out a live clip of our session.

Mowgli is just too awesome and cute!! What an honor to sing in the choir for this blockbuster movie. Directed by Jon Favreau and the Composer is John Debney. Richard Sherman attended the choir sessions - what a thrill to meet the original composer. Click here to see the trailer! Just found some clips on-line if you wanna hear the beautiful orchestra and choir.

logoJURASSIC WORLD with Michael Giacchino
Jurassic World scored a HUGE box office opening! You've waited 22 years to see this sequel, right!?! Listen for the vocals in the score, I was among them in the choir. Click here to see the Jurassic World trailer.

jersey-boys-by-leibovitz-3MEETING CLINT EASTWOOD!
I was pretty nervous to shake Clint's hand after singing on "Jersey Boys." He directed this film! I am a featured singer on 4 songs in the film. Click to watch the Jersey Boys Movie Trailer.