Vocal Reels

Charissa's voice can sound like Norah Jones, KT Tunstall, and many other famous singers ranging from Pop to Classical. She's been in choirs since a kid singing alto and enjoys blending to form one voice.

1. Pop - "Just Between Us"
2. Soft Pop - "Whisper Your Name"
3. Classical - "Danza"
4. Pop Rock - Jello Commercial
5. Pop - Nationwide Insurance
6. Character - Briggs Commercial
7. Indie - "Cupid"

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New Spanish BGV Reel

New Choral Reel

Vocal Reel Styles: All Vocals by Charissa Nielsen

1. Dance/Pop: "Just Between Us"

2. Alt Country: "Whisper Your Name"

3. Solo Classical: "Danza Danza"

4. Rock: Jello Mousse Commercial

5. Pop: Nationwide Insurance

6. Chorale: Tide Laundry Soap Superbowl Commercial

7. Pop: "Everything"

8. Theatrical/Character: Engine Commercial

9. Indie Pop: "Cupid"

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Full Vocal Reel

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